Morning Serenade

SKU: 091683015689

SOLD OUT Morning Serenade is a colorful 500 piece puzzle illustrated by Edward Wargo. You can almost smell the spring flowers and hear the birds chirping in this beautiful puzzle!

Weight: 1 lb

Sun Kissed Cabin

SKU: 091683015955

SOLD OUT        A haven away from home. . . Find peace in the quiet of sorting the fireside scene and cast the stress of the day far from mind as the Sun Kissed Cabin builds with each perfect fit.

Hours spent in this therapeutic activity will relieve anxiety, boost dopamine levels, improve sleep, stimulate neuroplasticity, and deepen connections.

Weight: 1 lb

Dolce Vita

SKU: 091683109173

SOLD OUT    The sweet life, indeed.

Passing hours piecing together the canals of Venice will bring about a fond refreshment. Let your imagination travel beyond the destination at your fingertips. Drink in the scent of authentic Italian cuisine from the Ristorante. Enjoy the warmth of the Mediterranean sunset. . . .Let the scene whisk you away.

Weight: 1 lb

The Cottage Lighthouse

SKU: 091683109166

SOLD OUT Moor your mind in the shores of the English Channel.

Just off the coast gulls chatter and horns bellow out from the waters. Your path to the stone cottage is lined with bright flowers tended by the lighthouse keeper and his wife. A "holiday" piecing together this scene will renew you as the sea so often does.

Weight: 1 lb

Mountain View Chapel

SKU: 091683015702

Let the sound of bells ring in the spring season! Newly released is this 500 piece puzzle by Springbok. Flowers burst into color alongside a humble cobblestone path, welcoming visitors to this secluded and tranquil church. The soft pinks and yellows of nearby trees complete this picturesque scene, as the snow glistens on the lofty mountain peaks.

Retro Refreshments

SKU: 091683108350

SOLD OUT  If you're thirsty look no further than "Retro Refreshments." This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is a multi-colored collage of vintage soft drink cans, featuring everything from Faygo to Shurfine.

Weight: 1 lb

Lobster Shack

SKU: 65449707042
  • Pieces:550
  • Size: 24″ x 18″
  • Artist: Barb Tourtillotte
  • P/N: 40704

SOLD OUT Your mouth will be watering as you think about fresh lobster as you work on this bright and colorful jigsaw puzzle by artist Barb Tourtillotte.

Weight: 1 lb

Tidal Treasures

SKU: 654497307083
  • SOLD OUT           Pieces: 550 Pieces
  • Size:  24″ x 18″
  • Artist:  Jane Maday
  • P/N:  30708

Tidal Treasures is a detailed puzzle of all the treasures found on the beach after the tide rolls in.  The colors in this puzzle are just beautiful and it is just perfect for framing to hang in a coastal themed room.  A puzzle to be enjoyed by the young and old!

Weight: 1 lb

Coastal Shells

SKU: 6544973070388
  • Pieces: 1000 Pieces
  • Size:  30″ x 24
  • Artist:  Howard Brower
  • P/N:  30703

The colors in this collage of coastal shells are absolutely stunning.  This is our first puzzle from artist Howard Brower but I’m sure there will be more to come.   His work is beautiful!



Weight: 1 lb