Love Vinyl

Have you heard?
Vinyl is on the rise. In fact, the format has seen 260% growth since 2009. While CDs sit on shelves, vinyl supply is having a hard time keeping up with demand. It may not have seemed possible 10 years ago, but vinyl is back. Why? It's more than just nostalgia. It's a connection to something more tangible than a download. It's music you can own, display, touch and feel with all your senses. The sound is warmer, more immersive and you can't easily skip or shuffle.
Just like we think real books are superior to the electronic versions, we feel real albums are better than MP3's and streaming music, and best of all they never crash!
Slow Down!
Vinyl is a chance to disconnect from your phone or computer. We spend our days staring at glowing screens, it's nice to immerse ourselves in the music.    
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