How To Analyze People: The Ultimate Guide To Learn How To Speed Read People, Analyze Body Language And Become A Human Lie Detector (Paperback)

How To Analyze People: The Ultimate Guide To Learn How To Speed Read People, Analyze Body Language And Become A Human Lie Detector By Limitless Mind Cover Image
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Do you know what Analyzing People is?

Do you want to know how to analyze people?

Some people have become so adept at lying and covering their tracks that it's hard to distinguish when they may be lying right to your face. When you do realize they've deceived you, and done it so artfully at that, you feel betrayed. Possibly even foolish, kicking yourself as that thought "why didn't I see this all along?" keeps lingering on your mind. Could you have prevented yourself from being lied to or taken advantage of? Could you have protected yourself from those feelings of hurt and betrayal? You could if you knew how to read their body language that is. The ability to read and analyze another person's true intentions, determine their personality and find out what they're really thinking based on their body language is a truly remarkable skill to have.

Your words may be adept at telling a lie, but the body is not. Try as hard as you might, you can never get your body to execute a lie perfectly enough. There is something that is always going to give away your true intentions.

Within the first 30-seconds after you meet someone, a first impression is formed. Sometimes a first impression is formed even before they've had a chance to shake your hand based on your general observations about their facial expressions, mannerisms, and the way that they carry themselves. Everything that you noticed at first is a little clue as to who they might be, all of which help to shape your perception about them.

All of us are constantly emitting silent signals with our bodies, and for those already adept at knowing what to look for, these signals are more apparent than ever. What message is that stranger next to you trying to convey? Are they standing up tall? Hunched over? Slouching? Are their arms crossed over their chest? Frowning? Smiling? Fidgeting? These clues are crucial indicators to watch out for when you're trying to decipher body language.

Being able to analyze someone's body language is a tremendously powerful skill to possess. It puts you in a position of power because you know something that the other person does not. Body language analysis can also prove to be useful in several job aspects, especially when you're trying to resolve a conflict or a crime, or even when conducting job interviews. Being adept at this skill could give you the upper hand in terms of being better at negotiations or competitions since you're able to read the way that your opponent feels and gain insight into what they may be thinking.

Do we have your attention now?

In this book we will discuss the following topics:

  • The Importance of Analyzing People

  • How Can Anyone Speed Read People?

  • Body Language Analysis

  • Common Facial Signals for Different Emotions

  • Posture and Body Orientation

  • And Many More

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