Practical Course of Hypnosis: How to hypnotize, Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere (Paperback)

Practical Course of Hypnosis: How to hypnotize, Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere By Mariam Charytin Murillo Velazco, Ylich Eduard Tarazona Gil Cover Image
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SERIES: Applied NLP, Influence, Persuasion, suggestion and hypnosis - Volume 2 of 3 Practical Course of Hypnosis How to hypnotize, Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere Special Workshop on modern hypnosis, trance and Hypnotic Phenomena, suggestions and inductions High Level Testing Suggestibility, Covert Testing, Convencers and Downriggers United hypnotics, allowing you master this wonderful masterful art of hypnosis on a fantastic journey of training and practical learning, with the most advanced modern methodologies, the most effective techniques and strategies I finally let you take this skill to the next level. Practice in this Course of Hypnosis in its special edition will learn to: -BioReprogramar you conscious and subconscious mind through modern methods and the most effective techniques of modern hypnosis. -Suggestive master inductions as well as the most effective suggestions that allow you to strengthen your ability to generate trances and hypnotic phenomena high level in your coaching sessions, sessions clinical hypnosis, hypnotherapy, hypnosis show street and hypnosis show. -Knowing the mental and psychological processes between mind (neuro), language (Linguistics), and the interaction between them (Programming), which will enable the correct use of hypnosis and persuasion with the tools of Applied NLP and Mental reengineering to reinforce your learning and training. -Having a clear plan of action and well-defined step by step, allowing you to develop hypnotic and persuasive necessary to achieve new states of hypnotic trance "{(mental, emotional and psychological)}" skills. -Increase Circle of Power and your level of strength or authority level to a higher level (FP) that allow you to develop your skills and create hypnotic orders, inductions and suggestions more effectively. 3rd Special Edition, Revised, Updated and Extended (it includes exercises and Plan of Action) This book is an adaptation of the Transcription Course Online, Original audio and video Transformational Coach Ylich Tarazona Writer and lecturer International YES, you can learn to hypnotize, anyone, anytime and anywhere. The issue is not, if you go into hypnosis, the question is, when you enter. Since everyone is hypnotizable if you know the "how" and "what" answers. 3rd Special Edition Revised and updated by: Ylich Tarazona November 2017. Cover Design and development by: Ylich Tarazona SEAL: Independently Published (c) /Kindle eBook ASIN: B076G97F14 ISBN-13: 978-1979723954 ISBN-10: 1979723958 BISAC: Hypnotism / Hypnosis / Self Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis YLICH TARAZONA the right to be identified as the author of this work has been affirmed by, Registration Code: 1710134545955 accordance with the Copyright Worldwide. Publication Date: November 18, 2017. COPYRIGHT This book in its special edition called "HYPNOSIS COURSE PRACTICE -How to hypnotize, anyone, Anytime, Anywhere (c)-(R) ". Adapted to learning Modern hypnosis, Trance and Hypnotic Phenomena, suggestions and inductions High Level Covert Tests, suggestibility and Downriggers Convencers United hypnotics. It is the intellectual property of YLICH TARAZONA (c) & Reengineering WITH MENTAL PNL (R). Legal assistance: LAWYER: Mariam Charytin Murillo Velazco CI: V-17502580, - INPREABOGADO: No. 158611.
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