History of Greece Greek language (Paperback)

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The book " History of Greece, concise & illustrated ", (GREEK LANGUAGE) brings the environment and events of the corresponding era to life using graphic novel form, including paragraphs of historical narrative. The original theme units are short in narration, and serve as an introduction to the book. The main body of the book includes the big clashes between the ancient Greeks and Persians ( Median Wars ), also the events during the periods of time: Hegemonies of Athens-Sparta-Thebes, Philip II, Alexander the Great, Hellenistic Period, Byzantine Empire, 1821 The Great Greek Revolution, 1830 - 1945. During the historical events, illustrated ancient cities, architectural structures and works of art, are displayed in detail. There was also a special study done based on archaeological manuals on the special characteristics of the temples and works of art. The book title: '' Ancient Greece, concise & illustrated history '', is included in the current edition.
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ISBN: 9781975981952
ISBN-10: 1975981952
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 3rd, 2017
Pages: 120
Language: Greek, Modern (after 1453)