Find Yourself: The Key To Change Your Fate (Paperback)

Find Yourself: The Key To Change Your Fate By Emin Kuliev (Translator), Alexander Pint Cover Image
By Emin Kuliev (Translator), Alexander Pint
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Every human being on Earth is passing his lessons irrespective of whether he understands what he's doing or not. These lessons consist of passing personal polarities, or dualities. Every problem that bothers a human being and every situation that happens in his life determines the character of his lessons, and every one of them can be boiled down to a certain duality. Every duality is like a gate, while our lesson is to pass precisely through the center of this gate. This is what we call a student's way. But it is one thing to know where and how you have to enter, and another thing to acquire a level of mastery that would allow you to do that. Middle space is the space where two polarities of your personal duality-plus and minus-get balanced. It is a space where you are calm and harmonious. This book will help you to achieve such harmony.
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ISBN: 9781944722074
ISBN-10: 1944722076
Publisher: Kuliev
Publication Date: July 19th, 2018
Pages: 278
Language: English