Spectacular Lives of Sharks (Hardcover)

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Get ready to explore the underwater world of sharks Discover the truth about these marvellous, mysterious and misunderstood creatures. Learn about different types of sharks, from the giant whale shark, to the tiniest dwarf lantern shark. Uncover their incredible superpowers and what makes them such great hunters. Watch out for...

- The world's weirdest sharks

- The fastest shark in the sea

- What sharks eat (spoiler alert: it's hardly ever humans )

- Why sharks are so important to our oceans

...and lots more Beautiful full-page illustrations bring these majestic beasts to life, while whimsical, bitesize text reveals mind-blowing facts. Perfect for nature-loving young readers. There's so much to explore in this stunning page turner. Let's dive in

About the Author

Annabel is a writer and artist based in the Southwest of England. She is passionate about animals and the natural world and loves hiking and gardening in her spare time
Product Details
ISBN: 9781914087479
ISBN-10: 191408747X
Publisher: Beetle Books
Publication Date: July 29th, 2022
Pages: 80
Language: English