Dark Psychology: 3 Manuscripts How to Analyze People, Manipulation and Hypnosis (Paperback)

Dark Psychology: 3 Manuscripts How to Analyze People, Manipulation and Hypnosis By David T. Abbots Cover Image
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Caution This incredible book contains powerful psychological techniques to influence people at will. Bewarned your buying this book at your own risk.

Dark Psychology are techniques developed by powerful politicians, self-made businessmen, and other masters of their own universe, when applied, can help you to analyze anyone around you or in your life. These three books will delve deep into Dark Psychology and the tools you can use to become incredibly successful in your own life.

How To Analyze People Here are some things you can expect to learn from this book

  • How to rebrand yourself or create a favorable first impression through body language
  • Proven tips for analyzing people through their handwriting
  • How a person's birth order can determine his or her personality
  • How to read a person through their immediate environment

Manipulation Here are some of the things you'll take back from the book

  • Ace psychological techniques for manipulating, persuading and influencing people without them realizing that they are being manipulated.
  • Power-packed subconscious and social manipulation strategies.
  • How to talk, so people listen and do exactly what you want them to.
  • Proven nonverbal communication skills to boost your manipulation powers.
  • Demystifying manipulation to use it for more positive outcomes.

Hypnosis This book is the one-stop guide that will teach you how to hypnotize people and make them bend to your will. This book unveils the secrets and teaches how to use hypnotism to effectively put anyone under your control. What is more, this book, will show you how to use self-hypnosis effectively.

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ISBN: 9781777011925
ISBN-10: 1777011922
Publisher: Green Elephant Publications
Publication Date: November 14th, 2019
Pages: 278
Language: English