The Power and the Money: The Epic Clashes Between Commanders in Chief and Titans of Industry (Hardcover)

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When U.S. presidents clash with corporate titans, what tips the balance of power? 

In The Power and the Money, acclaimed presidential historian Tevi Troy takes readers on a riveting journey through the biggest battles between CEOs and the nation’s commander in chief. He unearths the untold stories – both political and personal – that have shaped America.

Troy shows how the vast reach of the federal government become a critical fact of life for every business, entrepreneur, and innovator. Today, companies find themselves navigating a competitive landscape defined by stringent regulations, so top CEOs and key business leaders must influence the legislative and regulatory system. As public affairs teams and government relations experts put forward strategies to survive Washington, CEOs have become the most important warrior on the frontlines. The Power and the Money shows how some of the nation’s most important CEOs forged (and fumbled) relationships with the president.

Troy also shows how the most powerful man in the world depends on CEOs. CEOs provide assistance in the form of personnel, policy insights, and campaign cash, but they also become essential foils for presidents, serving as both allies and convenient enemies.

The Power and the Money reveals an intricate web of power, where CEOs need presidents, and presidents need CEOs. Troy shows how each must step carefully – or risk unpredictable costs and collateral damage. From heavyweights John D. Rockefeller and Mark Zuckerberg to Katherine Graham, Elon Musk, and more, Troy takes readers inside the friendships and the conflicts that shook the American economy and re-shaped America.

Drawing on his experiences as bestselling historian and former senior White House aide, Troy offers unique insights and details that shed light on the growing, intertwining behemoths of government and big business – and what it means for the future of our nation.

About the Author

TEVI TROY, Ph.D., is the creator and founder of “1600 Lessons: Leadership Lessons from our Nation’s Chief Executives,” a high-level leadership training course based on his extensive knowledge of the presidency.  A best-selling presidential historian and former White House aide and Deputy Secretary of Health, Dr. Troy is a Senior Fellow at the Bipartisan Policy Center, Senior Scholar at Yeshiva University’s Straus Center, and a Visiting Fellow at the Mercatus Center. This is his fifth book on the presidency. Dr. Troy and his wife, Kami, live in Maryland and have four children.

Praise For…

"The Power and the Money invites readers to 'follow the money' on a fascinating journey through a century and a half of American history. Filled with larger-than-life personalities, startling vignettes, and brilliant insights, Tevi Troy's tour de force demonstrates that politics and business can make not only strange bedfellows and marriages of convenience but also, occasionally, relationships built on mutual respect."--Christopher Cox, former SEC Chair and author of Woodrow Wilson: The Light Withdrawn

”For 150 years, ever since the United States became an industrial power, its elected presidents have alternately battled or begged assistance of moguls and entrepreneurs who have become unofficial collaborators in managing the economy. From Rockefeller and Morgan to Zuckerberg and Musk, Tevi Troy introduces a Hollywood-worthy cast of power players, all part of a historical rethink as ambitious as it is original.”--Richard Norton Smith, presidential historian and author of many books, including  An Ordinary Man: The Surprising Life and Historic Presidency of Gerald R. Ford

"I had the pleasure of working with Tevi Troy and have seen firsthand his deep knowledge of the inner workings of government. In The Power and the Money, Tevi combines his expertise in government with his training as a historian — from the University of Texas, of course — to provide readers with a terrific glimpse into our nation's success. He shows how the relationship between presidents and CEOs has shaped and continues to shape our nation even today. Tevi does this all with fascinating stories and great insights. The Power and the Money is an impressive achievement, and a must read."--Margaret Spellings, former Secretary of Education and President, Bipartisan Policy Center

"Government. Business. Two independent entities? In his insightful book, Dr. Tevi Troy compellingly argues that these two spheres are not only interconnected but have also profoundly shaped the United States together. Those connections have steadily strengthened while also becoming increasingly intricate. If you seek to grasp the nuances of those dynamics and the pivotal figures who have molded them, The Power and the Money is an indispensable primer."--Dr. Noam Wasserman, Dean, Yeshiva University’s Sy Syms School of Business  and bestselling author of The Founder's Dilemmas and Life Is a Startup

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ISBN: 9781684515400
ISBN-10: 1684515408
Publisher: Regnery History
Publication Date: August 20th, 2024
Pages: 256
Language: English