Key Hypnosis Weight Loss Scripts (Paperback)

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Hypnosis scripts for weight loss: a collection of tested and effective scripts to make it easy to use hypnosis for weight. Hypnotherapy has an excellent track record for helping with weight control. Hypnosis works because being overweight is not just about food. Most problem eating is wrapped up in emotional factors and these have to be cleared before weight control can be achieved. These scripts are designed to address each of the various aspects of overeating. All you have to do is to select the script that most closely matches the issue you are presented with. ProblemScript Overeating Virtual Gastric Band Emotional Eating Emotional Eating Compulsive Eating Eating Habits Anchoring BingeingSix Step Reframe Bad eating Night Time Script Motivation Motivation for Exercise & Diet Moving on Change the past No confidence Relaxation for Weight Loss Change Habits Better Eating Habits Chocolate Stop eating chocolate Comfort Eating Emotional Release therapy Always failing Self Hypnosis for weight loss The scripts are arranged according to their main function, but all the scripts are divided into independent sections so that you can mix and match sections from different scripts to create new scripts for yourself. Most of the scripts are ready to use exactly as they are. Some are edited transcripts of hypnotherapy sessions and show how to go about dealing with type of client, rather than being intended to be given word for word. Every client who comes to your office is unique and therefore you should study the transcripts to understand techniques used, and then adapt these for your own use. Some scripts are hypnotherapy metaphors. These can be used independently but are more usually woven into a longer session to give the therapy a broader application. Overall, this collection of scripts will give you the ability to deal with any type of weight loss problem.
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