The Writings of Joseph Sadony (Paperback)

The Writings of Joseph Sadony By Joseph Sadony, Paul Constant (Editor) Cover Image
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Within mankind there is a power so great that it would be dangerous to know it until we are perfect in humility and self-control. Until then it is hidden from us by our selfish, animal nature, which causes the mind to become cloudy and discontented...All that matters most to man is in behind his own eyes, and there he flounders in the dark, thinking he thinks a thought, but unaware of the origin of that thought, or of its fruits- "imagining" things without the slightest conception of the power and mechanism he is using...There is no excuse for man to underestimate the power of the mind at the loss of his inheritance from God or Nature, from ancestry, or self-acquired. If we refuse to use reason and logic as a foundation to intuition, whom can we blame for the failure in evolution? Whom but our own negligence? Nature offers us her fruits. Why are men ashamed to admit their belief for or against spirituality?How can anyone judge or give an opinion of the power of prayer, of Christianity, or of the prophets, unless he has given it a lifetime of experience to see the answer, and then left us the records, by which we may judge? - Joseph Sadony

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ISBN: 9781088086919
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Publication Date: January 27th, 2023
Pages: 218
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